Osprey Management Partners was formed in 2012 as a sister company to the successful transition-planning firm EKSIT Strategies Inc.  Osprey was created to help business owners build profitable businesses that could one day be transitioned smoothly and successfully. EKSIT Strategies was coming across clients who wished they had considered their exit strategy years ago when making business decisions, but were so focused on other priorities at the time that they didn’t consider what effect their day-to-day decisions might have on their eventual exit from the business.


Osprey encourages business owners to reap the benefits of making the business more profitable in the short term, while also creating a more valuable asset should they one day choose to sell the business. We pride ourselves on helping business owners in a wide range of industries and providing the tools necessary to build the company’s bench strength. Our coveted Osprey Health Check is our starting point and a straightforward way to quickly and inexpensively uncover potential roadblocks between small and medium sized businesses and increased profitability.


We strongly believe that every business, regardless of its industry, has the potential to be better. No business is perfect, but we aren’t afraid to step in and help you do something to achieve your goals. Our programs are specific, clear, and project-based so you always know what you’re getting into and the costs associated with making it all happen.