Achieving your blue sky requires acknowledgement of your challenges.

Our team at Osprey Management Partners is passionate about helping small business owners overcome their challenges and achieve their blue sky.

Wouldn’t you like to know what’s standing between you and a more profitable business?

That’s the Osprey Health Check.

The Osprey Health Check does exactly what its name suggests: a thorough review of the overall health of your organization. We dive into its processes, the various moving parts, and the people involved to identify which areas are doing what they’re supposed to and which ones may need extra attention. The goal is to make your business healthier so that it lives a long and profitable life.

The Osprey Health Check includes:

  • Financial Review: An analysis of the last 3-5 years financials. Identifying trends and potential areas of concern
  • Assessment of Value: Identifying the current value of the business
  • Organizational Structure Analysis: Identifying whether the current structure of your business is set up to get you where you want to go
  • Identification of Growth Opportunities: Determining areas for potential growth that will support your long-term vision of the company

Our comprehensive report will be delivered to you and discussed in detail. Also included in the program is a list of actionable recommendations that outline what changes you can make in your business today to increase the overall wellbeing of your company.

Identifying the areas that may need extra attention is the first step to achieving a healthier business that will support your long-term vision and goals. From here, we can help you to develop an ongoing game plan to address any concerns and build value to work towards your blue sky.